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2008-12-09 - Roma
6th International Conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation

9th to 12th December, 2008 Rome. Italy
Conference Programme

Monday, December 8th, 2008
RC Helicopter

Arrival of Participants: Fiumicino Airport, Rome

17:00 19:00 Conference pre-registration at the Best Western Universo Hotel

8:00 sharp Tuesday, December 9th, 2008:
Meet at the lobby Hotel Universo 8 am sharp
Board of Architects of Rome and Province
Acquario Romano Casa dell'Architettura Piazza Manfredo Fanti no. 47
08:30 09:00 Registration
Chairperson: HRH Princess Wijdan F. Al-Hashemi
HE Amedeo Schiattarella; HE Akel Biltaji; HE Talib Rifai; HE Representative of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; HE Mounir Bouchenaki; HE Abdelrahim Hunaiti; HE Jeronimo Paez Lopez; Claudio Cimino; Talal Akasheh

10:00 10:30 Chairperson HE Talib Rifai
Keynote Address: Art and Archaeology. A ground for expression, confrontation, mutual understanding by HRH Princess Wijdan Al-Hashemi

10:30 11:00 Coffee Break

11:00 12:30 Keynote Addresses: Chaired by HE Mr Jeronimo Paez Lopez
HE Gianfranco Giorgolo: Cultural Heritage and its Documentation in Jordan; An Italian Perspective
HE Akel Biltaji: Tourism and Documentation
Lt. Col. Alberto De Regibus: Latest contributions from the Italian Carabinieri NTP to Cultural Heritage Protection in areas of crisis
12:30 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:00 Keynote Addresses: Chaired by Talal Akasheh
HE the Director General for Archaeological Heritage – Stefano De Caro Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities – Italy
Caterina Giovannini: The role of the Italian Industry in support of CH protection and promotion Assorestauro records
Professor Dieter Fritsch: 3D Documentation of Cultural Heritage
15:00 16:30 WATCH Annual Workshop: Chaired by Claudio Cimino
Rachid Chamoun; Joris Kila; Saadet Guner; Maria Luisa Vitobello
16:30 18:00 Visit to the National Museum of Oriental Art
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Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
Museo Nazionale d'Arte Orientale
Via Merulana no. 247-248
9:00 11:00 Green hall – Session 1
Advanced Workshop on Documentation and Risk Management of Cultural Heritage
Chairperson: Talal Akasheh
1 Akasheh, Talal The art and science of documentation: A theoretical framework
1 Tondre, Farncoise Cultural routes of the Council of Europe : A tool to the benefit of cultural heritage
1 Grammatico, Daniel Umayyad Itinerary and finishing a cultural guide on Morocco
1 Aslan, Zaki Guidance in the Documentation of Cultural Heritage places before, during, and after conflict
1 Lerma Garcia, Jose Luis Terrestrial laser scanning and thermographic analyses on architectural façades
1 Haddad, Naif From hand Survey to 3D Laser Scanner: A discussion for the non-technical experts and users of Heritage Documentation
9:00 11:00 White hall - Session 1A
Archaeology and Tourism
Chairperson: Habis Al Samawi
1a Abu Al Haija, Ahmed Tourism development in Aqaba
1a Abu Sbee, Assaghier. M Another group of unexcavated ancient churches in Cyrenaica, Libya
1a Al Samawi, Habis Suleiman Perceptions and Preferences of Tourists Towards selected Echotourism Destinations in Jordan.
1a Trezza, Antonio; Bordoni, Luciana ADMIRE: a Personal assistant for Touristic Itinerary
1a Abu Helaleh, Samir The Climate of Ancient Petra
1a Paimpillil, Joseph Sebastian Ancient port of Muziris – Solutions of mystery about its location from excavations at Pattanam and literature in different languages
1a Abu Shmeis, Adeib A new collection of unpublished lamps documentation of rescue excavations
9:00 11:00 Red Hall - Session 1B
Cultural Resources Management
Chairperson: Chamoun Rachid
1b Abu Sneineh, Iyad Reuse of old buildings
1b Ajaj, Ahmad Archaeological museums in Jordan
1b Bose, Shivashish Durga Puja Festival in Kolkata : Traditional Cultural Heritage in Temporary Urban Art Form
1b Hilo, Youssef M. Marcus Julius Philippus, an Arab Roman Emperor
1b Chamoun, Rachid Action research and education in light of Cultural Heritage sites
1b Guida, Antonella Thinking a free barrier architecture: Recovering the past to plan the future
11:00 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 13:30 Green hall – Session 2
Advanced Workshop on Documentation and Risk Management of the Cultural Heritage
Chairperson: Salim Elwazani
2 Elwazani, Salim Whimsical Nature, Vulnerable Heritage
2 Noviello, Daniel Legambiente – Civil Protection and Salvalarte: Protection and Safeguard of the Historical and Artistic Heritage
2 Fangi, Gabriele Simple photogrammetric systems for the documentation and survey of the Cultural Heritage. The panoramic imaging
2 Tandon, Aparna ICCROM'S Museum Emergency Programme
2 van der Auwera, Sigrid Preventing destruction of cultural property during armed conflict: towards an integral framework
2 Georgopoulos, Andrea Contemporary digital techniques for the geometric documentation of monuments
2 Santana Quintero, Mario Cultural Heritage at Risk: Rapid-Assessment in Case of Conflict
11:30 13:30 White hall - Session 2A
Documentation of the Cultural Heritage
Chairperson: Santosh Ghosh
2a Alshawabkeh, Yahya Documentation of Umayyad Desert Palaces in Jordan Using Photogrammetry, 3D Laser Scanning and GIS
2a Arce, Ignacio Analysis and documentation project on building techniques and architectural typologies in the transitional period from Late-Antique to Early Islamic period in Jordan. Results of the first campaigns
2a Nawafleh, Mamoun Ancient Nabatean tools for the measurement of time in Petra
2a Bordoni, Luciana Virtual journey among the inscriptions on the “Via Appia Antica"
2a Farrag, Maged The application of interactive multimedia technologies in cultural heritage documentation.
2a Ghosh, Santos Problem of documentation of cultural heritage in Urban Conservation
11:30 13:30 Red Hall - Session 2B
Risk Management of the Cultural Heritage
Chairperson: Hussein Al Rimmawi
2b Abu Sharkh, Lara Cultural Heritage against occupation
2b Al Rimmawi, Hussein The effects of Apartheid System on Palestinian Cultural Heritage
2b Barghouth, Jamal The landscape of Jerusalem during the Byzantine and early Islamic period
2b Bogdanos, Mattew The wisdom won from pain
2b Claudio, Cimino Seven reasons for NGO's engagement in CH protection in areas at risk of conflict
2b Brianso, Isabelle Angkor Park-World Heritage Site: A Geopolitical Process in a Post-Conflict Recovery Strategy
2b Cinque, Giuseppina Risk assessment as part of the analytical phase in Architectural Survey – The experimental case of Hadrian Villa in Tivoli
13:30 14:30 Lunch
Introduction by : HE Dr Mounir Bouchenaki (to be confirmed)
14:30 16:30 Co - Chaired by Hussein Al Rimmawi and Ya'acov Schaffer
Current threats to Cultural Heritage in the Caucasian region - building on shared experience and international law
Dr. David Khoshtaria & Dr. Alexandr Saminsky
16:30 19:00 Visits to the Roman National Museum's sites including: Palazzo Massimo or, Terme di Diocleziano or, Palazzo Altemps or, Cripta Balbi (only upon reservation)
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Thursday December 11th, 2008
9:00 11:00 Green hall - Session 3A
Conservation Science
Chairperson: Abdel-Maksoud Gomaa
3a Abdel Maksoud, Gomaa Analytical Techniques Used for the Evaluation of Qur'anic Manuscript Conditions
3a Abdel-Maksoud, Gomaa Evaluation of Grafting Polymerization Technique Used for the Treatment of paper
3a El Khalili, Mohammad Between the innovative trend and the anomaly building construction techniques applied on the columns of Artemis temple in the Roman city of Gerasa (Jarash) in Jordan
3a Aktimur, Ozer Restoration and conservation applications for the collection of Pera Museum “The world of women and the harem as seen by western painters” and its physical condition reports
3a Alawneh, Firas Continuity and change in ceramic Manufacture: Archaeomertric study of Late Byzantine-Early Islamic Transjordan
3a Bala'awi, Fadi Petra monuments and salt damage: challenges and prospects
9:00 11:00 White Hall – Session 3B
Documentation of the Cultural Heritage
Chairperson: Giovanni Gigante
3b Di Zanni, Annalisa The Apulian Cultural Heritage Map: the protection of the cultural heritage through its knowledge and representation.
3b Khirfan, Luna From documentation to policy-making, the missing links in the curatorial management of built heritage
3b Nikiel, Slawomir Real or Fake: Creating Virtual Reconstructions of Architectural Artefacts
3b Pedelì, Corrado An information system for the ordinary management of the archaeological and documentary patrimony: the overview of the conceptual model
3b Iwais, Mazin Historical roads system in Palestine and modern technology
3b Pirbabaei, Mohammad Taghi Photo Realistic Virtual Simulation of Cultural Heritage in Historic City of Tabriz, Iran
9:00 11:00 Red Hall - Session 3C
Risk Management of Cultural Heritage
Chairperson: Alexander Gillespie
3c Georgopoulos, Andreas Development of an Information System for flood management of archaeological sites
3c Guner, Saadet International legislations and protection of the cultural heritage: “European Union cultural heritage legislation and Turkey project
3c Gillespie, Alexander Protecting Culture in Times of War: Law, Theory and Practice Between the 20th and 21st Century
3c Westrik, Carol The Role of Culture in Post-conflict and Post-disaster Situations
3c Hadzimuhamedovic, Amra Destruction and Revival of Cultural Memory - Lessons Learned in Bosnia
3c Kila, Joris Utilizing Military Cultural experts in war and peace time: an introduction, cases and examples from the field.
11:00 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 13:00 Green Hall - Session 4A
Documentation of the Cultural Heritage
Chairperson: Galina Trebeleva
4a Tadmori, Khaled The Documentation Main Role in theRestoration of the Mevlevihane of TripoliAfter the Lebanese War
4a Trebeleva, Galina Archaeological topography of coast of the Sukhumi bay: historical modelling on the basis of GIS Technologies
4a Yakar, Murat Measurements of Roman reliefs (Adamkayalar) via photogrammetric methods
4a Yldiz, Ferruh 3d modelling of the Roman Mausoleum (Silifke-Mersin -Turkey)
4a Yilmaz, H. Murat Photogrammetric revolve (surveying) of Cambazli Church
4a Yldiz, Ali Documenting superimposed Ancient constructions in Anatolia Great Mosque & Ancient Periods
11:30 13:30 White Hall - Session 4B
Cultural Resource Management
Chairperson: Matteo Malvani
4b Cid, Juan Manuel The Al Andalus and Science Pavilion: A multidisciplinary Museum project in Spain
4b Iner Erdogan, Gulcan Characteristics of rural architecture on Thrace region/Turkey
4b G. Di Flumeri Islamic findings from Ghazni (Afghanistan) and related problems of Conservation.
4b Shahvali, Mansour The indigenous structures of the exothermic zones in Iran for providing Ice
4b Malvani, Matteo Institutional building, secondary legislation drafting and training concerning the Movable Cultural Heritage and Cultural Goods in Romania
4b Shirani, Mosayeb Traditional Techniques of Rainfall Harvesting and Management in Coral Reef Island, Kish, Iran
11:30 13:30 Red Hall - Session 4C
Conservation Science

Chairperson: Salah El Mofty
4c Wedekind, Wanja Protection of the sandstone façades in Petra by new conservation techniques and reactivation of ancient drainage systems and mortars
4c Carvalho, Salomè The Calvary panels: study and conservation
4c Fahmi, Ahmed Repair, Restoration & Retrofitting of Existing Buildings in the valley of Kashmir, India in Post October 2005 Earthquake Situation
4c El Mofty, Salah Interfacial Characteristics of Polymeric Coatings for Archaeological Stones Conservation
4c Ferro, Daniela Analytic and Thermodynamic Interpretation of the Ancient Method of Cementation in Gold Refining
4c Monti, Laura The spectral signature as a tool for restoration and conservation of ancient structures
13:30 15:00 Lunch
15:00 17:00 Green Hall – Session 5A
Risk Management of the Cultural Heritage
Chairperson: Bose Shivashish
5a Bose, Shivashish Ganges and Varanasi – Relationship and Threat from Global Warming
5a Baratin, Laura Three-dimensional system for conservation and valorization of archaeological sites
5a Ghosh, Santos Conservation in the redesigning of the cities
5a Piacentini, Veronica The protection of living religious heritage from risks
5a Jung, M. The Italian Arg-e Bam Post Earth quake Cooperation project. The Archaeological Reasearch
5a Van Straten, Tyl A. The role of the Commissioner-General for Cultural Property and the enforcement of the Hague convention and its protocols.
5a Maino, Giuseppe Digital web documentation of risk management for the cultural heritage
15:00 17:00 White Hall - Session 5B
Cultural Resources Management
Chairperson: Lola Vico
5b Vico, Lola An Integrated Approach to the Study and Digital Communication of Via Flaminia Antica
5b Rawat, Bharat Raj Museums in Nepal
5b Nabulsi, Bashar Heritage building restoration projects in Jordan by The Royal Scientific Society
5b Reismaa, Marju Estonia’s experience in cultural heritage management: techniques, processes and tools
5b Shrestha, Hari Prasad Strategy for the Preservation and Conservation of the tangible/intangible cultural heritage in Nepal
5b Taheri Moosavi, Seyedeh Somayeh Public Spaces or Places in Cities?
5b Thawaba, Salem Historical Sites Management and GIS: A case Study from Ein Senya, Palestine
15:00 17:00 Red Hall - Session 5C
Conservation Science
Chairperson: Daniela Ferro
5c Maino, Giuseppe Three-dimensional representation of mosaics
5c Omprakash Srivastav Archaic Terracotta Discs: A Case Study of Clay Art and Technology
5c Yar, Nadire Mine In-situ restoration of the mosaics of the Kadirli ala Mosque
5c Khasawneh, Tammam Image Processing Software as a Tool for Preserving Cultural Heritage. Case Study: A Collection of Ottoman Documents
5c Sahidzadeh-Bonn, Noushine Salt damage in porous materials during wetting and drying cycles
5c Zingone, A. Towards an archaeometry of the built environment for archaeological ruins
5c Vallois, Marc The economic dimension of archaeology
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Friday December 12th, 2008
9:00 10:00 Green Hall – Session with Final Discussion
Advanced Workshop on Documentation and Risk Management of the Cultural Heritage
Chairperson: Zaki Aslan
Giovanni Gigante Portable and Mobile Equipment for the Cultural Heritage Inspector on the Scene of Conflict
Gabriele Fangi; Selim Elwazani; Naif Haddad; Talal Akasheh; Giovanni Gigante
10:00 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30 12:30 White hall - Session 6A
Cultural Resource Management
Chairperson: Zeidan Kafafi
6a Vecco, Marilena Some economics of preservation of cultural heritage
6a Vico, Lola Digital reconstruction of a Roman complex: use of virtual reality to underpin architectural investigations
6a Fakhouri, Leen Rural Heritage of Amman; abandoned or obliterated
6a Seyedeh Somayeh Taheri Moosavi Conservation and Preservation of the Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage
6a Kafafi, Zeidan Protecting and Managing Cultural Heritage: Megalithic Fields in Jordan
6a Maino, Giuseppe Digitization and multispectral analysis of Artistic Objects : Study cases and web documentation
10:30 12:30 Red Hall - Session 6B
Management of, and Risks to, the Cultural Heritage
Chairperson: Franco Gugliermetti
6b Jahjah, Munzer Non-Invasive Remote Sensing Techniques for Archaeological Resources and Landscape Management, Babylon site - Iraq
6b Khrisat, Bilal The Colonnaded Street of Petra; Construction and Social Interpretation
6b Kuhnen, Hans-Peter Archaeologies under occupation: France – Palestine – Iraq
6b Polichetti, Massimiliano A. The MNAOr scientific researches on the Tibetan cultural heritage
6b Malabeh, Ahmad The Decapolis Aqueduct Tunnel System (Al-Tura – Umm Quais, Jordan): The Longest in Antique History
6b Nalesini, Oscar The Himalayas and Tibet just before the Deluge
6b Piacentini, Valeria Fiorani The Archaeological Park Museum. Forging Links Through Education
12:30 13:30 White Hall - Final Session
Chairperson: HE Abdulrahim Hunaiti
Talal Akasheh; Claudio Cimino; Andrea Geogopoulos; Lina Khamis; Giuseppe Maino
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Saturday December 13th, 2008

9:00 16:00 Visit of ancient Rome
A walk through ancient Rome as the Romans see it
Three keys for the interpretation of the city surfing through the history
Ranging from Classic through Neoclassic

See you in Jordan at the Seventh Conference


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